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ASA Instrument Rating DVD Course

API Instrument aviation school. For your instrument training, a flight simulator is utilized to explain and introduce
you to a procedure, and then you practice that procedure in an aircraft. Our flight school is located at Chicago Midway
Airport in Illinois, which has a Control Tower so you will receive invaluable real world instrument training in a
real world professional environment.

Instrument  Rating

If you wish to learn, then learn from the best

What is involved in acquiring an Instrument Rating ?

  • An Instrument Rating means you are certified to fly in poor weather conditions solely by reference to the airplane's flight instruments without having visual contact with the ground
  • You must have at least a Private Pilot Certificate before you can become an Instrument Rated Pilot
  • You must be at least 17 years old to be awarded your Instrument Rating
  • Your need 40 hours of training, which is a combination of ground simulator, and actual flight time
  • You will receive 10 hours of training in an Elite PCATD simulator, 15 hours in an airplane with an Instrument Flight Instructor, and 15 hours of flying with a safety pilot
  • There are three exams that you must successfully pass to acquire your Instrument Rating
  • The exams consist of: a written, an oral, and an actual flight test
  • The written exam, also called a knowledge exam, requires a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • You will be required to pass an oral exam administered by an FAA flight examiner on the day of your flight test
  • The flight test is an actual flight whereby you demonstrate your instrument flying abilities to an FAA examiner

Why is A P I your best choice to learn how to fly instruments ?


  • Only a few schools in the country can boast they have been training pilots for over 5 decades
  • API trains both Private Pilots and Professional Pilots to become Instrument Rated Pilots.
  • We can boast that our students are taught to fly instruments in some of the world's busiest airspace.
  • We have hundreds of thousands of hours of experience with our programs

  • API' training is based the copywrited procedures called CST and the 6 T's.
  • The CST procedure stands for CONTROLS + SCAN + THROTTLE.
  • The pilot uses hand and foot CONTROLS to get the airplane to fly as desired.
  • The pilot uses a SCAN of flight and navigation instruments to stay on course.
  • The pilot uses the THROLLE to make desired airspeed adjustements when needed.
  • The 6 T's is a systematic mental checklist so the pilot confirms all IFR procedures have been performed.
  • API's training procerdures work universally for the private, commercial and airline pilots.
  • Learning to fly at Chicago Midway Airport is invaluable
  • In the Unites States, all major cities that have airports, will have Control Towers
  • To be able to utilize all the airports, in addition to knowing how to fly an airplane, you also have to know how to communicate with the air traffic controllers
  • The controls towers have controllers responsible for the efficient and safe movement of all aircraft traffic on and around an airport
  • Training at API will teach you the proper procedures to communicate with the air traffic controllers and radar controllers
  • An airport that has a control tower creates an extremely safe, and efficient environment because there is an additional staff of individuals coordinating the flow of traffic
  • Smaller airports do not have control towers so it is very difficult to understand and practice your communication skills with air traffic controllers
  • Learning to fly at Midway Airport gives you the confidence to use other major airports because you are well versed, and familiar in using proper radio procedures

                                                          Ground  Training

  • API uses state of the art interactive DVD home study training courses which are compatible for use with either a computer, personal DVD player, or television
  • The courses allow you progress at your own rate while studying at home
  • The DVD course will present the information to you as if you were watching a movie
  • Old large classroom style instruction has become obsolete, and inefficient
  • The course is interactive to make sure that you are understanding the material presented to you
  • Included in the DVD course is a text book with has the actual written exam questions with answers and explanations
  • One on one private ground instruction is also provided for any subject areas that you would prefer additional assistance

                                   Chicago Midway Airport
Southwest Corner of Airport
6321 S. Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60638

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API Instrument aviation school. For your instrument training, a flight simulator is utilized to explain and introduce you to a procedure, and then you practice that procedure in an aircraft. Our flight school is located at Chicago Midway Airport in Illinois. Learning to fly at an FAA Control Towered airport gives you invaluable real world instrument aviation training. Learn to fly at API flight school.

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