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Pilot license, learn to fly at API, the only flight school in Chicago Illinois. Our pilot school has been providing flight training for over 50 years. We are one of the oldest aviation flight training schools in the United States. Train in Chicago, Illinois at Midway Airport. We offer individualized accelerated flying lessons for individuals who wish to become either a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated Pilot, or Certified Flight Instructor or Airline Pilot.  Become a Pilot and get an exciting new view of life and the world.

  • Flying an airplane is one of life's greatest experience, there is nothing else like it.

  • You are part of an elite group of individuals who have the knowledge and physical skills to be an Airplane Pilot.

  •  Aviation Professionals Incorporated, also known as "API", is the only Flight School in Chicago and one of the oldest Flight Schools in the United States.

  • Learning how to fly can be made easy if your instructor knows how to explane things in simple terms.

  •  For almost five decades, we have refined our training program so that it is one of the best in the world.   

  • This is accomplished with our unique copyrighted simple method called ďAttitude FlyingĒ. 

  • Attitude Flying is achieved by having the student sit in the pilotís seat while observing specific exterior parts of the airplane and those visual relationships to either the horizon, ground or runway.

  • These relationships instantly inform the pilot about altitude, bank, coordination and airspeed control.

  • Our training saves you money, time, and frustration while making you a more knowledgeable, responsive, efficient and safe pilot.

  •  To obtain your Pilot Certificates, the FAA states you must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the English Languag.

  • Training can be accelerated weather permitting. 

  • On APIís staff is the 2020 Flight Instructor of the Year for the Great Lakes Area.

  •  API has one of the best safety records in the industry and one of the highest ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

  •  You only pay for each lesson as you take it.  There are no contracts to sign or dues to be paid.

  •  Please click on the left side for more specific Pilot information.

  •  We are open 7 days a week.

  • Our email address is

  •  Call 773 284-5678 for more information

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Flight Training Private Pilot   Private  Pilot   Flight   Training

A Private Pilot Certificate means you are certified to fly an airplane, and take passengers with you.

Aviation Professionals Inc., also known as API is one of the oldest Flight Schools in the country.  For over the last 47 years API has developed a unique training technique called "Attitude Flying". Our pilot training program will provide you with insights that makes flying simple, safe, and easy. Learn to fly in an environment where talking to the control tower becomes second nature. Accelerated flight school flying lessons are available. We can train at whatever rate that is comfortable for you. Learn to fly at API flight school and get a different view of life.

Instrument Rating   Instrument   Rating
Instrument Rating qualifies you to fly the airplane solely by reference to flight instruments without seeing the ground.
Aviation Professionals Inc
., also known as API is one of the oldest Instrument Flight Schools in the country.  For over the last 47 years API has developed a unique training technique called "Instrument Attitude Flying". Our pilot training program will teach you how to fly instruments in some of the world's busiest airspace. Learn to fly instruments using flight simulators and real experience in our airplanes. Our training syllabus has only 9 pages and is
only available at API.

Commercial - Career Pilot    Career  Commercial  Pilot

Commercial Pilot permits you to be legally be compensated for your ability to fly an airplane, and the Flight Instructor Certificate allow you to build flight time while being paid for teaching skills..
API's Career Program
is designed to give you
skills so that you have a competitive edge over your peers in the industry. You will fly and train in some of the world's busiest airspace. You will obtain a Private Pilot Certificate, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. API's program is designed to save you time and money. Your will receive Real World Training from Professional Pilots.

Stop dreaming and start flying. API is one of the oldest flight schools in the USA. Learn to fly at a pilot school that has provided flight training for over 4 decades. Our flight training school is located in Chicago, Illinois and offering accelerated flight school flying lessons for pilots who wish to acquire their Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor Certificates. Get real world experience from professionals at commercial professional airports. Our goal is to make your flying simple, safe, enjoyable and affordable.  You have already taken the 1st step, the next step is easy, just call us so that we can explain how we can assist you in becoming a pilot.
Learn to Fly at API
                                                                    Who teaches you how to Fly and Where you Learn  Makes all the Difference

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