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              Frequently Asked Questions by Pilots


What are the differences in the types of pilot licenses (certificates) ?

Does my change of address apply to all FAA certificates?

How do I obtain a commercial pilot certificate?

How long does it take the FAA to send out a permanent certificate (license)?

What is the maximum age a pilot can fly an airplane?

What do I have to do to keep my  pilot license current?

I'm a certificated (licensed) pilot. If I'm flying with another certificated pilot can I log
Pilot-in-Command (PIC) time?

I lost my original logbook. What do I need to do to verify my flight experience?

What is a location identifier, or airport code, and where can I find the identifier for a particular airport?

How did aircraft nationality markings (N numbers) begin?

How can I find the flying record for a pilot?

My certificates were stolen. Can I still instruct?

How can I replace my paper license (certificate) with the new plastic credit card style license (certificate)?

How can I get another copy of my pilot knowledge test results?


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